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– FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot Test Prep Course

Become an FAA Certified Drone Pilot to Fly for Commercial Use

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Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course

FLIGHT TRAINING SERVICES Providing airplane flight instruction in the Laconia and Moultonborough New Hampshire area for those seeking their Private and/or Commercial pilot certificates, and/or Instrument ratings. We also provide accelerated flight training courses. In addition, we provide pilot currency flight training to help rusty pilots return safely to the skies, and to help IFR rated pilots maintain their instrument currency. Learn more about our Flight Training in Laconia & Moultonborough NH here.

AERIAL DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES Providing professional aerial drone and manned aircraft photography and videography services in New Hampshire and Maine for real estate marketing, roof inspections, commercial construction site inspections, and energy, communications, and infrastructure inspections; including cell phone towers, solar panels, wind turbines, power lines, pipe lines, bridges and TV towers. We also provide aerial drone services for special events, film making, journalism and agricultural applications. 

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Using the latest in aerial drone technology and a 1983 Piper Super Cub, Falcon Imagery provides high resolution photography and video services for real estate marketing.

In addition, Falcon Imagery can blend in Google Earth flyover video segments with actual drone video of a property to produce a single powerful video product marketing tool. Imagine seeing not only aerial drone video of a property, but also the property’s relationship to local/regional points of interest. All in one short 2 to 3 minute video!

Aerial Drone Videography of Real EstateAerial Drone Videos of Real Estate

Blended Drone and Google Earth Flyover VideographyBlended Drone/Google Earth Videos

Commercial Site and Cell Phone Tower Inspections

Falcon Imagery provides high resolution photography and video services for monitoring commercial site development and inspecting cell phone towers.

Aerial Drone Photography of Construction Sites   Aerial videos of Construction Sites

Aerial Drone Photography of Cell TowersAerial Drone Photography of Cell Towers

Roof and Solar Panel Field Inspections

Falcon Imagery also provides high resolution photography and video of roof conditions and performs fast and safe solar panel field inspections.

Drone Roof Inspections

Drone Roof Inspections

Solar Panel Drone Inspections

Solar Panel Drone Inspections

Aerial Videography and Still Photography

Whether in need of aerial B-roll footage of a location, or the subject matter itself needs to be photographed / filmed from an aerial perspective, Falcon Imagery can capture your aerial video needs and render them in 4K Ultra HD.

FAA Approved for Part 7 small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) / Drones FAA COMPLIANT – Falcon Imagery is compliant with the new FAA Small Drone (sUAS) Part 107 Requirements.
Falcon Imagery Drone Services, New Hampshire Lakes Region Insurance Coverage – $1 Million in Liability