Accelerated Flight Training in New Hampshire

Accelerated Flight Instruction for Private & Commercial Certificates and Instrument Ratings

If time is of the essence in the pursuit of a pilot certificate or rating, our accelerated flight training programs are just what you need. Whether you’re pursuing your Private pilot Certificate, a Commercial Pilot Certificate, or an Instrument Rating, we’ll have you ready for you checkride in no time.

What is Accelerated Flight Training?

Accelerated flight training is an intensive program designed to teach piloting skills and aeronautical knowledge in a shorter than normal period of time. Normally, a flight student taking a couple of flying lessons a week will earn a Private Pilot Certificate in 5-6 months. With an accelerated flight training program, a student pilot flying every day, 2-3 times per day, and attending ground school and studying in between flight lessons, can accomplish the same thing in as little as two weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Accelerated Flight Training?

Accelerated flight training has historically been used in the military and airlines due to the fact that it has proven to be an effective method of flight training, and specifically because it:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Builds stronger Piloting skills

What is Involved in Accelerated Flight Training?

A commitment to devote your full time and effort to flight training as long as necessary to complete your course and to take the checkride. Throughout the time you are in the accelerated flight training your days will need to be devoted to a combination of flying, ground school and/or studying. The time required is based on your rate of progress and weather conditions.

Typical completion times, depending the certificate being pursued:

  • Private pilot certificate – as few as 14 days, but anticipate a month due to weather.
  • Instrument Rating – as few as 14 days, but anticipate a month due to weather.
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – as few as 7 days, but anticipate 2 weeks due to weather.

Flight Training Location and Aircraft

Flight Training conducted in a PA28-161 Piper Warrior, or your own aircraft, out of Laconia, NH airport (KLCI). Flight training can also be conducted out of Moultonborough, NH Airport (4MB) in either a Cessna 172 or your own aircraft.

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Whether Flight Training out of Laconia Airport or Moultonborough airport, you’ll be receiving flight instruction in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire, just south of the New Hampshire White Mountains,

Pre-Requisites Prior to the Start of an Accelerated Flight Training Program

Prior to the start of any accelerated flight training program, it is necessary to have any required Aeronautical Knowledge Test completed, as well as a flight medical exam. The Aeronautical Knowledge Test Results sheet and a current flight medical certificate must be presented to the flight instructor prior to the start of any accelerated flight training course.

Also, a United States Passport, or an original United States Birth Certificate with a raised seal, is also required to be presented to the flight instructor prior to the first instructional flight.

Lastly, the student pilot must have in their possession on the first day of the course:

  • Pilot Logbook
  • E6B Flight Computer
  • Flight Plotter