How to get Airspace Authorization for Commercial Drone Flight with AIRMAP

Learn How to Obtain Fast ATC Authorization to Commercially Fly a Drone in Controlled Airspace

No longer do you have to spend up to 90 days waiting to get approval on a “Request for Authorization” or “Request for Waiver” to fly your drone in controlled airspace.

In 2018 the FAA announced a new service called L.A.A.N.C. (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) to allow commercial drone pilots to receive nearly immediate authorization to fly a drone in or near Class B,C,D,E airports, and other controlled airspace.

The service is available via an app that can be loaded onto a cell phone and utilized to submit a request for flight in controlled airspace and for receiving approval via a text message from ATC authorizing the request.  Watch the below video to see how to use the AIRMAP app. The video shows how to submit a flight plan and receive ATC authorization for the flight.

This is a great service for Part 107 Commercial Drone pilots as they no longer have to wait up to 3 months to get approval to fly a drone in controlled airspace. Up until the availability of L.A.A.N.C. and the AIRMAP app many commercial drone pilots lost business, because their customer gave up waiting for the FAA approval of the flight.