Can You Fly Drone in Vicinity of Class G Airport Under Part 107

Key Considerations When Flying a Drone Near a Class C Airport

I have heard and seen a lot of questions on whether or not you can fly your drone commercially, under Part 107, in the vicinity of a Class G airport, without requiring an FAA waiver/authorization or needing to contact the airport first. The simple answer is yes to this question.

Nowhere in Part 107 is there any mention of Class G airspace, or non-controlled airspace.

Part 107.41 only states that a person must have prior authorization to fly an unmanned aircraft in Class B, C, or D airspace, or within the lateral boundaries of the surface area of Class E airspace designated for an airport. And Part 107.43 states that no person may operate a drone in a manner that interferes with operations and traffic patterns at any airport, heliport or seaplane base.

Part 107.41 and 107.43 Rules

However, before you actually decide to go out and do a drone flight operation in the vicinity of a Class G airport you better do your homework first.

Below is a short video that I filmed to answer this question in more detail. In particular, I wanted to make remote drone pilots aware of key airport operations in and around Class G airports that they must consider prior to conducting drone flight operations near them.

As part of the video, you’ll learn a bit more about the knowledge required for becoming an FAA Part 61 certificated pilot, and how that knowledge can really be of great help in knowing how to operate your drone legally and safely around Class G airports, while performing Part 107 operations.

Watch it, and if you still have any questions contact me.